Road to Bluegrass 8/21

Hey, hey, Monday!

I missed a Friday post thanks to travel but that just means I’ll have even more to share this week. I already have some great reads bookmarked to share with you.

We drove down to Greenville, SC, to get my boy Jon married. Downtown Greenville has gotten super hip and the neighborhood we were in was cool and pedestrian-friendly. It was the perfect place to get up early on the weekend and go for a run and I had brought along some workout clothes and my running shoes to do just that…

But when I packed those things, I didn’t realize it was going to be 15 degrees hotter in Greenville than it has been in Knoxville lately. So even the wee morning hours seemed blazing. I figured I would be sweating enough in my tux all evening so I passed on the running and opted for a Saturday lounging at the hotel watching Forrest Gump, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Ice Road Truckers.

Exciting, let me tell ya.

I felt no shame, though. Sometimes you need a day like that. “Balance,” they like to call it. Either way, we showed up to the wedding looking fly as hell. See below for a visual:

Anyway, Jon is now a married man and I wish him and his bride all the best in love and life. Jon has been a major influence on me to the point where this site and my passion for fitness probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for his example.

In addition to being married af, Jon and his wife Kaylee are owners of Farm Fresh Fast — a farm-to-table restaurant in Greenville, SC, that specializes in preparing clean meals with locally sourced ingredients for both in-house dining as well as meal plan subscriptions. If you’re ever in that part of town, give him a go — you won’t be sorry!

So here’s what’s going on. I’m about a month out from my race and I’ve made a lot of “bad” decisions lately with my diet and exercise that have left me feeling a bit pudgy and I’ve actually put on a few pounds. This overall “cut” I decided to start a while back has basically been a “maintain weight” cut, so not really a cut at all. I have a goal weight for this race and I’m going to push myself these next few weeks to get there. Expect to see those updates here as they happen.

Current weight lost: 0/10 pounds. Four weeks remain.

Physically, here’s what I’m going to do to burn, baby, burn:

  • Monday: 5:45am Boxing at TITLE Boxing Club
  • Tuesday: 3 Mile Run
  • Wednesday: 5 Mile Run
  • Thursday: 3 Mile Run, 7:00pm Kickboxing at TITLE Boxing Club
  • Friday: 5:45am Boxing at TITLE Boxing Club
  • Saturday: Long Run — 9 Miles
  • Sunday: Crossfit circuit for time, 1:00pm Boxing at TITLE Boxing Club

Nutritionally, this week is going to be interesting. For two weeks in a row I’ve not been able to meal prep largely due to time constraints on Sundays and my general laziness after the first of the week. This week things are changing because I’ve recently discovered a back-up plan that may be foolproof. Introducing Clean Eatz.

Very similar to what Jon is doing in Greenville with Farm Fresh Fast, Clean Eatz is a meal plan service with a weekly menu of clean, healthy meals you can choose from to build your menu for the week, order the items in bulk and pick them up. It’s basically meal prepping without the effort. I’ve not used them before but I have several friends that have recommended them to me so I’m giving them a go this week.

Please don’t take this as me saying I’m done with meal prep. While Clean Eatz has pricing that is more than reasonable, I love cooking too much to give up on my weekly meal prepping. I hope to share my experience here over the course of the next week.

Maybe next week I’ll be able to determine if it’s worth your time to look past the Z in their name and order something yummy from them.

Anyway, I hope you got your meals prepped yesterday. I also hope that you wore appropriate eye protection for the eclipse today (if you’re reading this without a screen reader, I’ll assume you did). I also, also hope you guys are moving a lot this week and you’re not afraid to share that shit on Facebook (a rant on this is coming up). And I also, also, also hope you keep reading this weird blog.

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