Friday Fitness Finds 9/1

September is here, y’all, and when I swung the door open at 5am this morning there was a glorious chill in the air that reached out between the rain drops and bit me on the face. The grass is still growing and we have another pool party coming up this weekend but the fact remains: fall is almost here!

Halloween stuff is on the shelves, pumpkin spice donuts are on the market and when I felt the welcome coldness touch my arms this morning I reached in and got my red hoodie. A sure sign of the pending season change.

I’m polishing up a few photos for my Clean Eatz review post that should be published some time tomorrow. Until then, here’s this week’s finds:

  • The Mind-Boggling Bullshit of Health and Fitness by Nia Shanks
    My hope in this world is to take something I’m passionate about — namely fitness and nutrition — and make it less intimidating. This is because I KNOW what a scary world it is. The internet is a wasteland of quick fixes, miracle wraps and bad information. It’s really too easy to be misinformed on all things health and wellness out there no matter how dedicated you are to the cause. Nia has created a fine list of the many ways the fitness industry takes advantage of you while providing ways to see through the bullshit.
  • Shrimp and Grits (Paleo Style) by Rebecca Bohl via Paleo Grubs
    This sexy, sexy shrimp dish is served over a heaping serving of creamed cauliflower to create a Paleo version of one of the most classic Southern comfort foods around. I really want to make this — like really, really.
  • Becoming the Carnivore by Gabe Rivera via Keto Kulture
    Gabe discusses his experience and the “proven” health benefits of going full carnivore. I’m on the fence about a lot of what he has to say, but I definitely believe there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” diet and if you can eat a certain way, achieve your wellness goals and stay legitimately healthy, I’m all about it. This guy’s version of Keto is basically just eating ribeye steaks every single day. If I could afford such a luxury, I would do it, too, just not for the same reasons.
  • 41 Best Chocolate Paleo Recipes of All Time by Jess via Paleo Grubs
    This is just a list of indulgent and (mostly) sweet treats featuring chocolate in some form. Are they all “healthy?” No. Not really. But they are Paleo-friendly and we all deserve a sweet treat from time to time, no? I’m particularly interested in the Chocolate Marbled Java Bundt Cake and Cashew Espresso Glaze and the Two-Toned Chewy Cookies.
  • Find Your Struggle by Hayden Wilson
    This is a short and sweet motivation post about confronting life’s challenges because we can’t avoid them no matter how well prepared we may be (or think we are). Find your struggle, own your struggle and then overcome your struggle. Solid.
  • Pina Colada Overnight Oats by 24 Carrot Life via MyFitnessPal
    I love overnight oats even though I don’t make them that often. These guys use pineapple Greek yogurt, chia seeds and fresh cubed pineapple. It sounds great — like holy shit great.

Music to Lift Heavy/Run Fast-ish/Punch Hard To

Let’s be honest. Most all of us went through the Nu-Metal phase whether we wanted to or not. If you were like me, the hate-filled sadness of KoRn, the bro-talk of Limp Bizkit and even the emotions of Linkin Park “spoke” to you even though they were songs written by people twice your age. While I do still listen to the Deftones, Soulfly, Dope and Slipknot, I’ve largely graduated (read: grown up) from the shitty Nu-Metal sound and moved on to other genres I’m not particularly attached to.

One band I’ve always loved regardless of how much they’re made fun of is Powerman 5000. They have a new record called New Wave coming out on October 27th (pre-order it here) and they’re already getting ripped on about it. lol It’s a New Powerman 5000 Song reads the headline on MetalSucks. But they also say Even though Powerman 5000 have been writing basically the same exact song over and over again for their 20+ year career, it’s a pretty damn good one.

And they’re right.

Check out Sid Vicious in a Dress then go do something to get stronger.

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