Road to Bluegrass 9/5

I was going to do a stream of consciousness to start this post but decided that would be dumb. Truth is, there’s a lot on my mind regarding my training and if I were to just write out everything, this would be the longest post I’ve ever made. So I’m going to break this one down into past, present and future.


Last week’s training went almost perfect according to the plan. I had three successful boxing classes at TITLE Boxing Club and I was able to get a couple of runs in. Tuesday was scheduled to be a 3-mile run but I figured since I was out there and the weather was right, I’d go for 5. I was a little slower than I’d like, but I figured the trail I ran over and over had a lot to do with that.

Friday’s long run was not what I was hoping it would be but I got it in. My goal for the day was 10 miles and while I didn’t start until around 3:00, the weather was almost perfect with an overcast sky and rain every 10 minutes or so. Despite this, however, I gassed out around mile 8. I was doing intervals, most of which were timed, the others based on how winded I was getting. It was a serious struggle and I was mad at myself about it.

I had to keep a couple of things in mind, though: 1) It’s been 18 months since I’d ran 10 miles. It wasn’t going to be easy no matter how well I’d trained up until now. 2) I was by myself almost the entire time. I’ve never seen the Greenway so dead. This is important because it’s the exact opposite of a race where you’re surrounded by people speeding by you, people you’re speeding past, folks gasping for air, folks giving unsolicited running advice, etc. There’s definitely an unspoken — and often unrealized — group mentality when it comes to racing. It makes you feel accountable to the people around you and you’re able to push yourself harder than if you were by yourself with no one watching.

But I had no one watching, so I gassed out and walked. I slapped my thighs, pounded my chest, berated myself, played Gonna Fly Now in my head and tried my best to get out of my own body and run on autopilot. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t. Either way, I finished 10 miles on Friday averaging 12:57/mile, 87 seconds slower than my goal pace. I finished the week with 2 runs totalling 15 miles.

We had a bit of a family emergency over the weekend so I didn’t get my last run of the week in. My feet, ankles and legs welcomed the long break. With the race fast approaching, it’s getting pretty difficult to focus on the positives but they’re definitely there. When I ran my first half marathon, the furthest I’d ever ran was 9 miles. I ran longer than that on Friday, three weeks out from the race. Does this mean I’m already more prepared for this race? Not necessarily, but it makes me feel a little more confident.

I’ve almost hit my weight goal, too. After a cookout on Saturday night followed by two days of junk eating while traveling, my current weight loss stands at 8/10 pounds. Two training weeks remain.


A short week of boxing classes scheduled and three runs are on my calendar this week. Dig it:

  • Monday: Rest (traveling)
  • Tuesday: 7:00pm Boxing Technique Class at TITLE Boxing Club
  • Wednesday: 5 Mile Run
  • Thursday: 3 Mile Tempo Run
  • Friday: 5:45am Boxing at TITLE Boxing Club
  • Saturday: 11 Mile Run (possibly more traveling)
  • Sunday: Rest (possibly more traveling)

We have lunch and dinner being provided by Clean Eatz this week and will include Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Bruschetta Chicken, Sesame Salmon and Steak and Potatoes. I have a Clean Eatz review post drafted and ready to rock so expect to see that maybe tomorrow.


I’ll be honest. I’m pretty sick of running long distances. The body I want and the lifestyle I have both say running long distances is counterproductive. On Saturday I showed up for a Boot Camp class that quickly turned into “Let’s do Bis and Tris with Aaron” and it was amazing. My biceps are still sore when contracted. I love lifting weights and I love what it does for my body. I’m really looking forward to getting back on a heavy weights routine.

So what does the next few months look like? It’s hard to say because I’m sure I’ll change my mind before then, but this is what I have in mind:

  • Continue my cut with my mostly-cardio plan until my half-marathon date. As of this writing, my race is in less than three weeks and I have two pounds to lose. My goal weight for this cut is 210 lbs. I think I can reach goal weight by the end of this week. This leaves about two weeks of training on the planned cut.
  • With time left on the planned cut, I thought I’d extend it with a stretch goal of 10 more pounds, theoretically hitting 200 lbs by the time the Goliath rolls around on October 14. That gives me six weeks from now to drop 12 pounds. I think this is doable.
  • Once my half marathon is over, I have three weeks until the Goliath and my workout plan shortens my runs and adds an extra day of cross training. I plan on using those cross training days as functional bodyweight training days while maintaining my weekly runs with hopes of hitting 200 lbs before Goliath day.
  • After Goliath day I’m going to take a few days off and assess where I’m at weight-wise. If I’ve hit my goal weight of 200 lbs, I will consider beginning a 12-week muscle-building bulk phase. Not a bad way to start the winter season, no?

But before I can do all that, I’ve got to make it to class tonight. I’ve got to get these last two pounds off. I’ve got to make it to this half marathon. I may be putting the cart before the horse on a lot of this planning but they’re my horses and they’re pretty chill.

Have chill horses, y’all.

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