JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 2

And with that, Week 1 is done, y’all! We’ve got pesky introductions knocked out, gave an outline for workout and nutrition … now we’re going to start getting into the meat of things!

Last week I shared ALL of my readings so we had a good starting point. This post won’t be so dense, for real. I also detailed my meal plan. This week I plan to share a post with you on calculating your calorie requirements so brace yourselves for that. In the coming weeks there will also be posts on macros, supplements, workout plans and everything in between. This is actually pretty fun!

Speaking of fun, I was lucky enough to get scheduled for all three 5:45am classes last week at TITLE and while it was super hard getting up at 4:30am three days out of the week, there was something kind of awesome about it. I used to get up at 4:30am every day regardless of whether or not I was scheduled to teach. Sometimes I’d go lift weights, go run or just drink coffee while writing. I’d love to get back to that routine so I’m going to try to do that a little more as this program progresses. Big talk, yeah; let’s see what kind of action I can follow up with.

4:30 is hard, y’all.

Let’s get to the weigh in, shall we?

Weekly Weigh-In: 219.8 lbs (Goal: 210 Pounds; 2.1 Pounds Lost)

This Week’s Calorie Requirements and Macros:

With proper weight loss, the number on the scale will decrease slowly.


And since our calorie requirement and macros are largely dependent on our current body weight, a small decrease in said body weight will result in an equally small decrease in calorie requirements.

Like, so small it’s hardly noticeable.

Like, so small it’s not even worth really changing.

Calorie requirement for this week is 3,000 / day.

Macros are: 220g protein; 88g of fat; 332g carbs

This Week’s Meal Plan

For simplicity sake, I’ll be doing the same meal plan two weeks in a row with a change every other week. If you want the basic outline of the plan, look here. If you want the details of the plan, look here.

This Week’s Workout Plan

  • Monday: Boxing — 60 Minutes
  • Tuesday: Rest day due to travel
  • Wednesday: Boxing — 60 Minutes; Jiu Jitsu — 60 Minutes
  • Thursday: Weightlifting — Deadlifts, Bench Press, Biceps Circuit
  • Friday: Active Recovery (Stretching, etc.)
  • Saturday: Kickboxing — 60 Minutes
  • Sunday: MMA — 60 Minutes; Weightlifting — Squats, Pull-Ups, Triceps Circuit

Anything Else?

You betcha. I’m referring to this week as Loading and Deloading because I’m going to start supplementing with creatine and will be going through a “loading” phase with it where I consume about 20g of it per day. My weight-training program is going to be in a “deload” phase where I’ll be lifting at 40-50% of my max to give my muscles a rest. So next week I’ll be back to hitting heavy weights with muscles saturated with creatine!

If you’re not following me on Instagram you’re missing some stuff. Otherwise if you still have questions or comments or want to join in, send me a message, I’d love to chat with you!

Also, I’d love to be your personal trainer if you’re into it. I am!


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