JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 3

Last week I started a 20g/day load on creatine while simultaneously de-loading on my weight training program. This week we’re going all-in with muscles fully saturated with creatine and a workout plan that’s going to go hard! I promise to detail my workout plan more closely in the coming weeks (I’m not playing; I’ve gotten so geeky over this Mount Crushmore shit with a blog calendar and a social media schedule. The workout plan will be detailed on Thursday, May 9. SEE!?).

This week’s weigh-in is brought to you by InBody and Nutrishop Knoxville.

Weekly Weigh-In: 221.4 Pounds (Goal: 210 Pounds; 0.5 Pounds Lost)

Bi-Weekly Measurements:

  • Body Fat Percentage: 19.8 (Goal: 15%; 1.9% Lost)
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass: 101.4 Pounds (2.6 pounds gained)
  • Body Fat Mass: 43.9 Pounds (4.4 pounds lost)

One could easily look at the first number and say “OMG he’s been doing all this work and he’s only lost HALF A POUND?! WHAT A LOSER! Buuuut a closer look at my numbers and you’ll see what’s actually going on there. Yeah, the number on the scale has only gone down 0.5 pounds but I’ve gained 2.6 pounds of muscle mass — LOST 4.4 pounds of fat! I’m going to continue using this point to illustrate how important it is to not base your success solely on the number the scale shines up at you in the morning.

This Week’s Calorie Requirements and Macros:

The calorie requirement has changed very little. If you remember from my Calories post where I showed how I had lowered my requirement to 3,000 (down from only a hundred calories or so of the actual requirement), a small change in weight has still yet to change my calorie requirement by much. The slight modifications look like this:

Calories:* 3,000
Protein 219 grams, or 876 Calories
Fat 88 grams, or 792 Calories
Carbs 334 grams, or 1,336 Calories

*These calorie requirements were established on Thursday of last week based on my current weight. Any change in weight by the weekend weigh-in is not accounted for and doesn’t really make a difference.

This Week’s Meal Plan

Keeping it simple, y’all. I’m still eating the same number of times per day, still keeping a bedtime treat, still drinking only water and coffee. Since I had the macros figured out for a lot of the snacks and the simple breakfast, I just stuck with those. The only thing that really changed is my lunch and dinner meals. Dig it:

  • Meal One — Breakfast
    • 2 Packs of Quaker Instant Oatmeal (mixed with water) and one protein shake (also mixed with water)
  • Meal Two — Mid-Morning Snack
    • 1 Banana; 1 Pack of Quaker Instant Oatmeal (mixed with water)
  • Meal Three — Lunch
    • 10oz Ground “taco” Turkey; 1 cup steamed white rice; 1 cup roasted mixed vegetables
  • Meal Four — Mid-Afternoon Snack
    • 1 Banana; 1 cup of Frosted Flakes (dry)
  • Meal Five — Post-Workout
    • Protein Shake with creatine (mixed with water)
  • Meal Six — Dinner
    • 10oz grilled bbq chicken; 2 links of cheddar sausage; 6oz roasted sweet potatoes
  • Meal Seven — Bedtime Snack
    • 1 Slice Cinnamon Raisin bread; 2TB Peanut Butter

This Week’s Workout Plan

As per usual, the workouts this week consist of hella cardio and fight training at TITLE Boxing Club, two Jiu Jitsu classes at Gracie Barra Knoxville and two weight-training sessions. Here’s that schedule:

  • Monday: 5:45am — Boxing60; Jiu Jitsu — 60 Minutes
  • Tuesday: Weightlifting — Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Lat Pulls, Biceps Circuit; 6:30pm Kickboxing45
  • Wednesday: 5:45am — Boxing60; Jiu Jitsu — 60 Minutes
  • Thursday: Weightlifting — Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Triceps Circuit
  • Friday: 5:45am Boxing60; 5:30pm Boxing75
  • Saturday: Recovery Day (hella stretching)
  • Sunday: MMA — 60 Minutes

Anything Else?

You already knew the answer to that. If you’ve been following along you’ll notice that this week I have squats and deadlifts programmed twice each this week. That’ll make more sense when I detail my workout plan but just know it’s going to be rad. Follow me on Instagram if you want to catch a glimpse of the workout in my story or if you just want more frequent updates than the twice-weekly posts I make here!

I also wrapped up my creatine load on Sunday and will be supplementing with a much smaller amount daily moving forward. I’ll be back to the heavy lifts, though, and am looking forward to seeing my progress! To help lift heavy, though, one needs heavy songs and I have a new heavy song to lift to that I found out about on Friday. I’m not normally a big fan of “Power Metal” but these guys RIP and I can’t wait to dig into their discography. Hit play, turn it up loud and be prepared to bang your head until you die.

Anyway; Later this week there will be a post detailing the new meal plan so keep your eyes and ears open. Otherwise say hey if y’all have questions about anything or need a personal trainer. I know a guy.


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