Who Wants to Be King, Week 2

Holy crap, y’all. What a week.

It appears I’m well on my way to hitting my weight-loss goal in a hurry. Not because this program is really that good but mostly because of that damned sickness last week. I’ve dropped a lot of weight this week but make no mistake — it wasn’t quality poundage.

So many times I’ve heard from people who start a new program who have gotten so HYPED after the first week or two because they experience a great amount of weight loss. I don’t want to be a downer because a loss is a loss if all you’re concerned about is the number on the scale, but when you drop a ton of weight in such a short amount of time, it’s because you’ve lost a lot of water weight.

Not fat.

Repeat: You’ve lost water, not fat.

Either that or you’re on the South Bronx Paradise Diet.

With that said, I dropped a ton of water weight last week. It’s also changed how I’m eating this week due largely to not being terribly hungry anymore. More on that below.

Weekly Weigh-In: 220.2 Pounds (6.8 Pounds Lost — Goal: 215 pounds, or 12 pounds lost)

Yep, I’ve already lost half of the weight I was hoping to lose. Again, it was water. Yes, I likely will gain weight next week. No, I’m not worried about it.

This Week’s Calorie Requirement and Macros:

The goal is the same, ultimately — 2,700 calories made from 230g protein, 115g fat and 149g carbs but my appetite has really been screwed after last week’s illness.

Not only has my appetite waned but when I DO eat, my body just isn’t crazy about it. Still in recovery mode, I guess, so I hope to be eating like a meathead again next week. I did an improv job on the meal plan this week but it ultimately comes out to 2,080 calories, 152g protein, 82g fat and 195g carbs. I need to beef that protein up (pun intended). As my appetite improves, I’ll look to add about 150g protein at least.

This Week’s Meal Plan:

  • Meal One — Breakfast
    • Oatmeal + Protein Shake
  • Meal Two — Snack 1
    • Apple-Cinnamon Rice Cake
  • Meal Three — Lunch
    • 9oz Ground Turkey Taco Meat + 1 Cup Steamed White Rice
  • Meal Four — Snack 2
    • Veggie Shake + Apple-Cinnamon Rice Cake
  • Meal Five — Post-Workout
    • Protein Shake
  • Meal Six — Dinner
    • 3 fried eggs, bacon/turkey sausage/pork chop and two piece of toast with butter and grape jelly

This Week’s Workout Plan:

  • Monday: Boxing – 60; Weightlifting — Leg Day; Boxing Workout
  • Tuesday: Interval Run; Weightlifting — Upper-Body Push Day
  • Wednesday: (rest); Boxing-60; MMA – 60
  • Thursday: Weightlifting — Upper-Pull Day; Interval Run; Boxing – 45
  • Friday: Boxing – 60; Boxing Workout, Interval Run
  • Saturday: Winter Weightlifting
  • Sunday: (rest); MMA – 60

Guys, it happens. We get sick, we fall off the wagon, we give in to temptation. It’s going to happen to everyone. The key is to not beat ourselves up for it. We don’t punish ourselves for it, we correct our course and we continue sailing until we get to our destination whether that’s a weight-loss goal, a financial goal, a fitness goal, a mental health goal, a relationship goal or anything in between.

We’re people. We mess up, we learn, we improve.

So let’s continue messing up, learning and improving. Then find more things to mess up, learn and improve on. And do it again. Then again. And again.

Ever onward, fellow Heathens


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