Who Wants to Be King, Week 2

Holy crap, y'all. What a week. It appears I'm well on my way to hitting my weight-loss goal in a hurry. Not because this program is really that good but mostly because of that damned sickness last week. I've dropped a lot of weight this week but make no mistake -- it wasn't quality poundage. … Continue reading Who Wants to Be King, Week 2

Happy New Year to Me, I Guess?

I was hesitant to do the 10-year challenge thing at first because it's usually just not something I'd normally do anyway but I also figured I'd have a hard time finding a photo that's 10 years old. When I realized I could just look on Facebook I was then struck with the alarming realization that … Continue reading Happy New Year to Me, I Guess?

Who Wants to be King? Let’s Try That Again …

Shew. At the first of December I announced Who Wants To Be King? -- a new program intended to let me get back on track to hitting my fitness goals before the New Year, New Me people hit the scene. And I hit it HARD ... And then I got sick. Twice. Cool. https://media.giphy.com/media/YLpZ4UmkixqmI/giphy.gif Anyway, … Continue reading Who Wants to be King? Let’s Try That Again …

Ain’t No Impossible

I'm taking a brief break from Mount Crushmore to talk about something that I hope you all find inspirational / motivational. I've been listening to Rob Dial's Mindset and Motivation Podcast for a few weeks now and have been enjoying it big time. Sometimes if something from it hits me just right, I share it … Continue reading Ain’t No Impossible

JTF’s Mount Crushmore (Supps) — Rest Days

Most people who know me would probably scoff at the thought of me writing a post about resting. I proudly work around 70 hours a week between my jobs at Discovery and TITLE Boxing Club. Additionally, I'm putting in personal time at the gym just pumping iron or otherwise getting my sweat on. There have … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore (Supps) — Rest Days

JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 7

We're on the downhill, guys! Ultimately last week was a good week. I started with a new client, had a spa day, cooked an unreal dinner on Saturday night, had another extremely challenging MMA class on Sunday and spent some quality family time with Cara's folks to celebrate Mother's Day. On the downside, however, I … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 7

JTF’s Mount Crushmore Workout Plan Pt. 1

As we established a long time ago, the goal of JTF's Mount Crushmore was to reduce my body fat percentage. We do that by losing body fat while simultaneously increasing muscle mass. The entire program has two main components: eating and moving my ass. I've detailed my meal plan several times over the last several … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore Workout Plan Pt. 1

JTF’s Mount Crushmore (Supps) — Macros

Did you read my post about Calories yet? If not, give it a go. I'll wait here. If you already did, then I need to ask you ... Are you just getting started with your weight loss/gain goals? If so, I'll say that you can (and should) read this post, but do so with the … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore (Supps) — Macros

JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 4

I knew I'd have to make a post like this sooner or later. Didn't realize the Easter holiday was so fast approaching when I started Mount Crushmore so it's as good a time as any to talk about something that's going to happen in your weight-loss / fitness journey: You're going to have some weeks … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 4

JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 2

And with that, Week 1 is done, y'all! We've got pesky introductions knocked out, gave an outline for workout and nutrition ... now we're going to start getting into the meat of things! Last week I shared ALL of my readings so we had a good starting point. This post won't be so dense, for … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 2