Bluegrass Half Marathon, Y’all

The great philosopher Forrest Gump once had a profound conversation with a t-shirt designer while running coast to coast... Woah! Man, you just ran through a big pile of dog shit! It happens... What -- shit? Sometimes... Shit, indeed, does happen. And in doing so, sometimes it makes you take a short hiatus from blogging … Continue reading Bluegrass Half Marathon, Y’all

Road to Bluegrass 9/5

I was going to do a stream of consciousness to start this post but decided that would be dumb. Truth is, there's a lot on my mind regarding my training and if I were to just write out everything, this would be the longest post I've ever made. So I'm going to break this one … Continue reading Road to Bluegrass 9/5

Road to Bluegrass 8/28

I didn't work out this morning. After getting up at 5 on Saturday and again pretty early on Sunday, I was happy to sleep until around 7:00 today. Sleeping in during the week is awesome because, you know, sleep ... but on days that I don't work out, I often have a hard time getting … Continue reading Road to Bluegrass 8/28

Friday Fitness Finds 8/25

I'm currently eating around seven times a day. My afternoon snack (one of them, at least) is a funky mixture where I take about 2 tablespoons of chunky peanut butter, drop in a sliced up banana and then mash it all together with a spoon. It's delicious. I look forward to it every day. Before … Continue reading Friday Fitness Finds 8/25

Road to Bluegrass 8/21

Hey, hey, Monday! I missed a Friday post thanks to travel but that just means I'll have even more to share this week. I already have some great reads bookmarked to share with you. We drove down to Greenville, SC, to get my boy Jon married. Downtown Greenville has gotten super hip and the neighborhood … Continue reading Road to Bluegrass 8/21

Road to Bluegrass 8/14 + Over the Top!

Man, what a weekend. On Friday I talked about how last week was shaping up to be my laziest week of the year. It was certainly my laziest week since I've been training for the Bluegrass Half Marathon. I only logged 3 miles for the week and I don't even want to talk about it. … Continue reading Road to Bluegrass 8/14 + Over the Top!