Who Wants to Be King, Week 4

So last week wasn't easy. I'm a stress eater and have been my whole life ... and to say I was stressed last week is an understatement. Having to deal with the death of my Gran was harder on me than I realized it would be so my week was spent thinking about sodas and … Continue reading Who Wants to Be King, Week 4

Who Wants to Be King, Week 3

It's bi-weekly weigh-in time and I'm happy to report that I'm still down overall but I've put some of my water weight back on and I'm feeling great -- thank the gods! I was able to (mostly) get through all of last week's workouts with no interruptions save for some of the running, which is … Continue reading Who Wants to Be King, Week 3

Who Wants to Be King, Week 2

Holy crap, y'all. What a week. It appears I'm well on my way to hitting my weight-loss goal in a hurry. Not because this program is really that good but mostly because of that damned sickness last week. I've dropped a lot of weight this week but make no mistake -- it wasn't quality poundage. … Continue reading Who Wants to Be King, Week 2

Who Wants to be King? Let’s Try That Again …

Shew. At the first of December I announced Who Wants To Be King? -- a new program intended to let me get back on track to hitting my fitness goals before the New Year, New Me people hit the scene. And I hit it HARD ... And then I got sick. Twice. Cool. https://media.giphy.com/media/YLpZ4UmkixqmI/giphy.gif Anyway, … Continue reading Who Wants to be King? Let’s Try That Again …

JTF’s Punk Rock Playlist

1, 2, 3, 4! Cut the sleeves off that old Misfits shirt, order yourself an Anarchy Burger (hold the government, please), put on your best Dee Dee Ramone voice and prepare to count off the reps with the first in what I intend to be a series of workout playlists! JTF's Punk Rock Playlist is … Continue reading JTF’s Punk Rock Playlist

The Weekly Thing 11/26

Alright, so we made it through Thanksgiving. My holiday consisted of me helping my girlfriend's family make mashed potatoes, tricking her dog into staying upstairs away from the guests and eating so much that I hated myself and spent the remainder of the afternoon piled up in a comfy chair holding my belly. I didn't … Continue reading The Weekly Thing 11/26

The Weekly Thing 4/9

Well look who it is. After what appears to have been a three-month hiatus we're back in action. I don't even know what happened, y'all, for real. I felt kinda bad about it so I'm going to throw a lot at you at once. How'd the bulk go? Mostly good things, I'd say. I sucked … Continue reading The Weekly Thing 4/9

Road to Bluegrass 9/5

I was going to do a stream of consciousness to start this post but decided that would be dumb. Truth is, there's a lot on my mind regarding my training and if I were to just write out everything, this would be the longest post I've ever made. So I'm going to break this one … Continue reading Road to Bluegrass 9/5

Friday Fitness Finds 9/1

September is here, y'all, and when I swung the door open at 5am this morning there was a glorious chill in the air that reached out between the rain drops and bit me on the face. The grass is still growing and we have another pool party coming up this weekend but the fact remains: … Continue reading Friday Fitness Finds 9/1

Road to Bluegrass 8/28

I didn't work out this morning. After getting up at 5 on Saturday and again pretty early on Sunday, I was happy to sleep until around 7:00 today. Sleeping in during the week is awesome because, you know, sleep ... but on days that I don't work out, I often have a hard time getting … Continue reading Road to Bluegrass 8/28