[Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Arms Day

Are you up to date? Cool. If not, check out ... Leg Day Chest Day Shoulder Day Back Day Alright, so we've hit everything. All the things. We've pushed, we've pulled, we've stretched, we've fueled and I'm sure we've griped about DOMS. Well, correction -- we've hit everything but arms. Since I've become a gymrat, … Continue reading [Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Arms Day

[Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Back Day

Continuing the Stronger Things series with a bad ass back workout this week. y'all! If you haven't been keeping up, you can go back and check out Leg Day, Chest Day and Shoulder Day but there's no real order requirement. Just pick up heavy stuff! If we're being honest, back day is one of my … Continue reading [Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Back Day