[Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Shoulder Day

Alright, guys. We've done legs. We've done chest. Now we hit shoulders. I used to combine chest and shoulders in the split but then quickly realized that was a horrible idea. Not because it's a bad idea in general, but because the program I've made for myself is ... well ... It's hard. I'm not … Continue reading [Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Shoulder Day

[Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Leg Day

So JTF Strong has been a thing since August 2017 and I haven't shared a workout yet. What. The. Hell. My current program is a four-day split that I've titled "Stronger Things" after I messed up a Stranger Things-esque shirt while trying to cut the sleeves out of it around the time I finished designing … Continue reading [Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Leg Day