JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 6

This is the halfway week of JTF's Mount Crushmore, y'all! It's flying by and I still have so much to share! I'm writing this on a Monday morning with arms and shoulders that are in permanent "typing" position -- not because I am just SO HYPED about writing this post but because it's nearly all … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore, Week 6

Friday Fitness Finds 9/1

September is here, y'all, and when I swung the door open at 5am this morning there was a glorious chill in the air that reached out between the rain drops and bit me on the face. The grass is still growing and we have another pool party coming up this weekend but the fact remains: … Continue reading Friday Fitness Finds 9/1

Road to Bluegrass 8/7 and WELCOME TO THE PARTY!

Alright, guys. This is happening. For those who don't know... I've been running another blog for several years. It started out as a creative project where I shared some of the art, music, designs, etc. I was working on and included a haiku every day for 365 days. Over time, this blog changed to reflect … Continue reading Road to Bluegrass 8/7 and WELCOME TO THE PARTY!