JTF Mount Crushmore, an Epilogue

Well ... I wrote this and saved it as a draft but never published. Pobody's nerfect, I suppose! Done. Concluded. Executed. Fulfilled. In the past. All over but the shouting. Talking about Mount Crushmore, of course! After 12 weeks of scheduled workouts and detailed meal plans, the program (as designed) is over. Now, while I'm … Continue reading JTF Mount Crushmore, an Epilogue

JTF’s Mount Crushmore Workout Plan Pt. 1

As we established a long time ago, the goal of JTF's Mount Crushmore was to reduce my body fat percentage. We do that by losing body fat while simultaneously increasing muscle mass. The entire program has two main components: eating and moving my ass. I've detailed my meal plan several times over the last several … Continue reading JTF’s Mount Crushmore Workout Plan Pt. 1