[Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Arms Day

Are you up to date? Cool. If not, check out ... Leg Day Chest Day Shoulder Day Back Day Alright, so we've hit everything. All the things. We've pushed, we've pulled, we've stretched, we've fueled and I'm sure we've griped about DOMS. Well, correction -- we've hit everything but arms. Since I've become a gymrat, … Continue reading [Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Arms Day

[Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Shoulder Day

Alright, guys. We've done legs. We've done chest. Now we hit shoulders. I used to combine chest and shoulders in the split but then quickly realized that was a horrible idea. Not because it's a bad idea in general, but because the program I've made for myself is ... well ... It's hard. I'm not … Continue reading [Free Workout] JTF “Stronger Things” Shoulder Day